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Information for International Students

As an incoming student from abroad it is quite difficult to find the appropriate information for housing, employment, insurance, university guidelines, and etc.. Even more difficult is to find this information quickly and efficiently. 

Jobwohnen.at is the largest Housing webpage in Austria. The majority of the apartments at Jobwohnen.at are offered by private persons and not by real estate companies.     


At our homepage and/or ServiceCenter we offer you a wide range of housing and employment opportunities, as well as special discounts on computers, mobiles, travelling, etc.. Furthermore, we provide information concerning all different types of insurances that you may need (e.g. health insurance, liability insurance).


Of course, we always offer you a full personal consultation for free and we will strive to answer any question that you may have concerning our services and issues related to incoming international students.  


Contact us to arrange your personal appointment with one of our agents. We have agents that speak English.


All of our services and products that are offered at JobWohnen.at are also available at our TULPINA ServiceCenter.

JobWohnen Service-Line:
0900/310 360 (€ 0,81/min inkl. USt. )

oder E-Mail an: office@jobwohnen.at

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